James Laster
President and Chief Executive Officer

Since youth, James Laster has been called to serve others. Growing up in the small town of Wilmington, North Carolina, James learned the importance of dedicating your life to your passion through observing his mother’s career as a geriatric nurse. His mother worked tirelessly, putting in long hard hours to provide for her family. But she loved what she did. James watched his mother cultivate lifelong friendships with her patients and their love ones.

One particular family had that profound impact on James, leaving a lasting memory still ingrained in his mind to this day was the Burns family. Mr. Burns was a patient of James’s mother. His devoted wife was by his side every day as Mr. Burns lived out the last months of his life. During this time, James’s mother and Mrs. Burns grew a particularly strong bond, providing support to a loving wife during one of life’s most vulnerable times. Inevitably, the time came and Mr. Burns passed away, leaving a plan and savings for his beloved wife. Unfortunately, during this time of grief, rather than banding together, the Burns family suffered in conflict when a family member stepped into the picture threatening the legacy plans laid out by Mr. Burns. Mrs. Burns stood the chance of being forced into a nursing home, stripped of her freedom and financial security. Thankfully, James’s mother stood behind Mrs. Burns, protecting the wishes of Mr. Burns and ensuring that the right choices were made for Mrs. Burns.

This story served as a pivotal determining factor for James’s choice of career and a lifelong pursuit to act for others as his mother did for Mrs. Burns. James is a licensed financial consultant in all 50 states. James hold licenses in life, health, annuities, and long-term care. For over a decade he has been a proud member of the financial services community. He is also a National Social Security Advisor. He loves serving his community of Ashburn, Virginia, and carries the highly regarded title of being a certified SOFA member, a non-profit educating the public on financial wellness. James values education, and studied diligently to earn a Master’s of Administration from George Mason University. Today, James serves as the guide towards financial stability and freedom for so many. He prides himself on educating his community on ways to avoid painful financial disaster. James has founded his business upon the idea of promoting solutions over products, and urging his clients to plan now. James’s teachings revolve around helping clients make informed, life changing decisions for the now and generations to come.

James married his high school sweetheart and throughout 25 years of matrimony they fall more in love with every passing year! They share three beautiful children, and a rescued cat and dog that make their house a home. When they find the time to get away, you can likely find them relaxing on a beach somewhere! In his free time, James is a coach for three youth basketball teams, is a Parent Volunteer and a Male Mentor for Middle School Youths! He certainly gives back to his community in more ways than one.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
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